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Email Marketing

How well is your email marketing performing?

How much additional exposure, conversion, and business does your email marketing bring you?

If you’re not sure of the answers, let us help. OMGI will help you bring email marketing excellence to your business, integrating it with our social and communications efforts so that you maximize your communications ROI. Email marketing is by far the most powerful and most lucrative form of owned media, but it’s often poorly integrated (or not integrated at all) with earned media. We’ll help you bring the two strategies together and drive maximum benefit from both.

The Direct Marketing Association makes the bold claim that email has the highest ROI of any channel, an average $39.56 earned for every $1 invested. The DMA doesn’t specify, however, that most email marketing programs have an ROI far below the average because they’re not set up well. Let OMGI review your email marketing strategy and show you where you can make real improvements for real ROI.

At the conclusion of the review, you’ll have a blueprint of your new email marketing strategy, a list that’s segmented into working and non-working pieces, a template that works, and testing data to know when and how often you should be sending. Additional fees for service may apply if you need help with implementation of recommended methods outside your email marketing system itself (i.e. on your website). We’ll also meet monthly to review your email marketing program and suggest improvements to campaigns, content, and strategy to boost results.

Ready to get started with your email marketing and communications efforts?

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